What is a Boutique Hotel?

Simply put, it’s a quirky characterful property that exudes individuality and charm. It will mainly appeal to those that enjoy quality and service but don’t want to conform to the norm and enjoy surprises.

A Boutique Hotel should not have less than 10 rooms or more than 100

Less than 10 it’s just a B & B and more than 100 it becomes impossible to offer that personal touch, great service and spacious aura to every guest. It just begins to feel busy, crowded and chaotic – you know the feeling! A boutique hotel should be small enough that you are treated and greeted as an individual and by name. Choose to socialise with a small intimate group of other guests, or just do your own thing.  Here you should feel comfortable enough to just be yourself.

With just 24 rooms and suites Vivenda Miranda is petite, but you are surrounded by space. From the generous, individually styled rooms to the big outdoors where the gorgeous gardens meet the sea and sky. It’s just like being on the edge of the world.

 It’s normally an independent hotel

Most boutique hotels are privately owned so they exhibit the individual personalities, tastes and style of their owners. Let’s face it we’ve all been in some of those corporate chains where no matter where you are in the world each one looks and feels exactly the same. In a boutique hotel, this won’t be the case.

Not part of a chain, Vivenda Miranda is the 17th century former home of an aristocratic family. It exudes individuality with a discreet ambience and charm that mixes old with new in a bold and stylish fashion.

Located in superb setting

Location is critical to any boutique hotel, be that in the centre of town or in a privileged clifftop location surrounded by beautiful gardens and swathes of sea and sky. At a boutique hotel you should expect a fabulous location with a great outlook wherever you go, rather than in a lacklustre row of hotels that all look alike!

Vivenda Miranda’s west Algarve location is quietly hidden away amidst private gardens with sublime Ocean views, close to enough for nights out in town but far enough away to relax and breathe. Location, location, location.

Each room features an individual & quirky designer décor

In many hotels every room looks the same with identical colours, fixtures, fittings and materials no matter which one you are given. All that would really vary is the size according to category and the outlook. You will find that although many boutique hotels feature rafts of modern amenities such a rain-showers, lighting controls, heating, air conditioning and much more, they are also bursting with individual features. Often furniture will have been restored and painted in funky colours to breath new life and individuality into older treasured items, or materials will have been used that are local or topical to the region to reflect its character. No room is ever the same and you can guarantee that someone has lovingly created it, giving it an individual touch and style with a high degree of consideration for quality and comfort.

 All Vivenda Miranda’s rooms and suites are different and created by its very own in-house design and decorator Christina. All rooms all fresh, quirky and individually decorated in bold colours by her own hand and each reflects a strong local character and history but with a modern vibe and spirit.

 It’s symbiotic with its location, celebrating all things local

From food to style…. At a boutique hotel you will find that the building is true in design, architecture and colour to its locality. Whilst it’s staff, are proud of their region and be happy to inform and assist you in making the most of experiencing the best their area has to offer, so you can immerse yourself in the local culture and atmosphere. As for food, most boutique hotels worth the stay will feature a superb restaurant that will serve local specialities and delicacies of the region, as well as a good selection of local beers, wines and spirits to accompany their dishes.

The Mirandus Restaurant serves fine dining menus full of local character with organic, locally sourced and homemade ingredients used whenever possible. Many vegetarian and vegan options are available and all can be accompanied by delicious wines and spirits of the region.

It should possess a relaxed vibe and ambience with great service

A big differentiator of a boutique hotel to a large chain is the feel of the place. Most will have a laid-back vibe where guests feel they have found their home from home. When it comes to service, although they normally have a more relaxed approach, staff here are often more personable and take the trouble to really get to know you during your stay, so they can to anticipate your every need before you even realise you need it!

At Vivenda Miranda our staff have a deep knowledge of our local area and do their very best to make your stay here unique and memorable, so you will want to return again and again. You will arrive as a stranger, but leave as a friend.

 Something a little bit different – the wow factor

 Most boutique hotels have at least one feature or offering that makes it stand out from the competition and gives it that and wow factor. That could be anything from an art gallery, to a themed library to a collection of vintage cycles or a fishing theme. Depending on the location and culture of the locality you can experience an incredible range of unique examples and experiences.

One of Vivenda Miranda’s special offerings to their guests is the ethical organic Spa which sits at the centre of this heavenly oasis and is a haven of tranquillity. A range of therapies and treatments are offered by skilled practitioners that are kind to both you and the environment and most are vegan friendly too.