Rasul Spa Wellness Treatment – Ancient Bathing Rite, Sets New Health Trend

Rasul thermal mud treatments date back hundreds of years being a traditional Arabian inspired cleansing/bathing ritual, much like the Scandinavians enjoy their health-giving saunas or the Turkish that have indulged in their traditional Turkish baths for centuries. The Rasul however, combines the health enhancing properties of heat, steam and mineral rich mud for a totally relaxing and skin conditioning treatment.  This traditional, well-being practice targets all five senses in a mosaic tiled chamber, that will leave you feeling relaxed, cleansed and invigorated. This is the latest wellness spa treatment to offered by The Spa at Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda in Lagos, Algarve Portugal.

This is a self-applying treatment that takes you through a number of steps, the first being to shower and wash your hair, then exfoliate your body to remove all the dead skin and enable the minerals in the mud to impart their nutrients deep into your skin and hair.

The fun part comes next where you smother yourself and your friends or partner in special mineral rich mud. You can take a Rasul by yourself, but more commonly they are a ritual enjoyed by 2 to 4 people. About 2 big scoops of your chosen mud are needed which you need to smear all over yourself and/or your companions not forgetting your face and hair! Then just relax in the steam of the Rasul for approx. 25 minutes and let the mud go to work.

When the body is exposed to heat, the blood supply to the skin is increased and heat is lost through perspiration. This helps your body rid itself of toxins, impurities and sebum (skin oil) through sweating. This is absorbed into the mud, whilst the heat enlarges pores which helps your skin absorb the essential oils in the mud leaving it feeling plumped, smooth and soft. Perspiration also helps the body regulate body temperature and keeps our circulatory system running smoothly.

The combined effects of heat, sweating and water can reduce the feeling of stress in most people and the relaxing effects can promote hormonal change to take place within the body resulting in the suppression of stress hormones. It can also reduce muscle spasm, relieve inflammation and balance blood pressure by the narrowing and dilation of blood vessels, alleviate eczema and psoriasis and improve the complexion.

The metabolic effects of a Rasul spa treatment have a positive influence as negative ions are released in the process which increase your feeling of well-being as well as the social aspect of enjoying the spa treatment with friends or your partner, which increases our feelings of happiness. All you have to do, is sit back and relax whilst your body purifies itself and the essential oils in the mud are absorbed.

When the mud is dry, shower in warm water to remove the mud and then turn to cool as this will help close your pores, help your body cool down after the heat treatment and let your blood pressure to return to near normal. Just dry yourself off and feel how soft and smooth your skin is now.

Now all that remains is to relax for a while on a lounger with a cool glass of water until your pulse and temperature have returned to normal and enjoy the sensation of feeling completely and utterly at peace. It’s important when taking a Rasul spa treatment to drink lots of water to re-hydrate your body and replenish the fluid that has been lost by sweating.

Here at Vivenda Miranda, we always recommend finishing your relaxing Rasul by indulging in a Swedish massage with coconut oil that will leave you in seventh heaven. This is just one of a range of indulgent, health and well-being treatments you can enjoy whilst staying as our guest on a wellness holiday or just visiting Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda as an outside client. We look forward to seeing you soon.