Destination Weddings – Portugal Weddings are High on the List!

While traditional weddings may hold meaning for many couples who wish to follow their traditions and cultures, and that is just fine if that is what you want. But who hasn’t fantasised about a dream wedding in a romantic wedding destination far from the madding crowd?

Getting married is truly one of the most personal and important days of your life, and it shouldn’t be tainted by pressure to have a traditional wedding. Unless that is what you want of course. The world is your oyster and you can tie the knot almost anywhere your heart desires! But mother nature has everything covered at Vivenda Miranda as it is so breathtakingly beautiful, you just can’t go wrong!

There are many benefits of marrying abroad and here are just a few:

When you have a traditional wedding, you are often under pressure to invite distant relatives that you rarely see or extended friends or work colleagues that you feel you can’t leave out. But with a destination wedding, as it may take hours to travel there and will need much more effort and expenditure from your guests to be there, it’s going to rule out those who are not so close! So, you will be surrounded by the most important people in your lives. You can always throw a post wedding party when you return home so no-one feels left out if you feel the need.

As your destination wedding will normally take place during holiday or vacation time, and you usually need to arrive a few days earlier to complete the paperwork, you get to spend some quality time with your closest family and friends as you prepare to celebrate one of the most important days of your lives.

Often parents will have their own ideas as to how your wedding should be. But with a destination wedding you are in control. After all, your wedding is all about the both of you an what you want, so this is an ideal way of avoiding much of the stress and drama that could otherwise be involved!

A destination wedding, keeps it all so simple! The only thing you really have to do is choose a place, your dates and flights; everything else can be arranged by your wedding hotel. Many hotels such as Vivenda Miranda, have their own in-house wedding planner and offer wedding packages that include everything you could possibly want. Alternatively, you could hire your own wedding planner to take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the whole experience. All you have to do is be there! There is a big reason that destination weddings are becoming ever more popular and that is less stress!

Often a destination wedding is cheaper than you think! A smaller guest list means less people for you to feed and provide drinks for. And many destination wedding packages can provide you with a selection that combines everything you could ever want. The affordability of a destination wedding in comparison to the often, rocketing costs of a traditional wedding is a “no brainer” for many couples, and sees them jetting off without a second glance!

Many couples following a traditional wedding will want to fly away on their honeymoon to spend some much-needed time alone with their love one, where they can continue making memories that will last them all their days together. But with a destination wedding you are already there, with no last-minute rush, waiting around at the airport or hanging around on the days in-between waiting for your honeymoon to start! And many hotels will give you special packages and discounts for your honeymoon stay if you stage your wedding there.

They’re perfect for couples that have been married before and are perhaps marrying for the second or third time. One or both may have had a large traditional wedding before with all the bells and whistles, and this time want something more personal, simple and private. It will probably be much less expensive too!

Destination weddings are also very popular with LGBT couples. Often gay weddings are more relaxed and less entrenched in tradition. With a destination wedding in Portugal, couples can jet away in the full knowledge that there will be no legal impediments to their union and everything will run like clockwork, enabling them to enjoy the bespoke intimate wedding of their dreams.