Rainbow Hotels or Friendly Gay, LGBT Hotels

We all work hard for our money and when we go on holiday most of us want the same thing. To feel safe, be treated with respect, have some fun and enjoy some of the good things that life has to offer.

That is why Portugal is the perfect destination for everyone whatever their colour, creed or orientation. Here they have very tough laws against discrimination of all kinds and the people have a relaxed, friendly and all-embracing attitude.

(The laws are also very relaxed when it comes to overseas marriages of all genders, so it is an ideal place for a destination wedding!)

As a result of this Portugal is one of the safest European countries for the LGBT community to visit and is a world leader for LGBT and gay rights. Just to give you some examples, here are some dates for you:

1982    –           Gay activity legalised

2004    –           LGBT discrimination illegal

2007    –           Age of consent equalised

2010    –           Gay marriage legalised

2015    –           Gay adoption legalised

So, if you are a lover of sun, sea, surf, beaches, history and food and wine, you will find it in abundance in the Algarve. Lagos in particular is a lovely historic town, bursting with restaurants and bars of all kinds where you can sample the local food and wine of the area as well as sample some of the young and trendy healthy eateries. There is a lively nightlife too for those who like to party and it has a thriving gay scene.

The marina offers water activities of all kinds and there are many lovely natural features to explore such as the stunning Ponta da Piedade and the beautiful caves and grottos that lie beneath! Simply nature at it’s best.

This area is famed for it’s award winning beaches such as the Meia Praia which is a largely natural expanse of soft golden sand that at approx. 4.5 km long makes it one of the longest beaches in the Algarve. For those looking for a more intimate beach there is the Porta da Mόs or the small rocky coves of Praia Dona Ana, Do Camilo that are very close-by.

If you are the type that wants to explore the beauty of the region whilst staying in a beautiful, private and peaceful hotel the boutique hotel Vivenda Miranda is the perfect choice for you. This lovely historic building now tastefully refurbished sits on the clifftops above the Porto da Mόs beach with quiet secluded gardens, a private entry to the cliff walk down to the beach as well as the fine dining Mirandus Restaurant and intimate ethical, organic spa. It’s just a 5-minute taxi ride into the centre of busy Lagos, but a world away in terms of peace and quiet. Here you can relax and enjoy a little bit of paradise.